PCoIP Zero Client and Remote Acceleration Solutions

Provide the highest quality user experience and easy management of desktop virtualization and remote workstation


Do it all with total security. The era of complex, non-secure PC solutions is almost over. In a traditional desktop environment, all computing resources and data are on the desktop, thus increasing the chance of corporate data leakage. Leadtek PCoIP ® -enabled virtual desktop solution, on the other hand, enables all computing resources and data to be transferred to a centralized server in a secure data center and lowers support overheads for the enterprise. This enhances enterprise data management and security while delivering an immaculate, uncompromised end user experience over standard IP networks. PCoIP zero client makes it possible to deliver workstation class performance for professional applications including 3D CAD/CAM, Digital Content Creation, video editing and advanced knowledge worker level business software.

Why can PCoIP Deliver the Best Image Quality over Network?


Host Rendering

In a regular PC, the applications, operating system and graphics drivers are tightly coupled to the display, such that the whole assembly is optimized for performance. PCoIP technology uses host rendering, which preserves the PC environment intact: system performance is maintained, hardware interfaces remain unaffected, applications perform as they should, and no driver changes are required. There are no application dependencies or incompatibilities between the host and the client. Host rendering also decreases latency sensitivity. The PCoIP protocol only re-sends lost packets
if the image has not changed since the packet was lost.


Intelligent Image Decomposition Using Multiple Codecs

PCoIP technology is a multi-codec protocol, continuously analyzing and decomposing the image elements – graphics, text, icons, video, etc. – and compressing them with the right codec for each pixel. This enables efficient transmission and decoding, saves bandwidth, and enables image elements that rapidly change to be displayed. PCoIP codecs can build every pixel to a lossless state once they stop changing, which is critical when the image contains important information, such as medical diagnostics, or optionally build to perceptual lossless to maximize bandwidth savings.


Dynamic Network Adaptation

The PCoIP protocol is an ‘intelligent’ protocol, dynamically adapting to network conditions in real time. Image quality settings can be easily configured to manage bandwidth use. PCoIP adaptive encoders then adjust image quality according to congestion on the network, within the set limits. Once network congestion decreases, maximum image quality is resumed. Because PCoIP technology
transmits just the pixels, not data, it utilizes UDP, a real-time, highly efficient protocol, which is ideally suited to the practicalities of working remotely over a limited bandwidth network, and results in increased responsiveness and improved user experience.


PCoIP Zero Client

PCoIP zero clients are hardware-based endpoints that use a highly integrated, purpose-built processor to perform image decompression and decoding. PCoIP zero clients do not have a general purpose CPU, local data storage or application operating system, resulting in ultra-secure and easy to manage clients that do not require regular updates or patches.



  1. A book-size desktop device for any system that has the PCoIP server installed with VMware® HorizonTM View, VMware Horizon DaaS, Amazon WorkSpaces, Teradici Cloud Access Solutions, or a PCoIP remote acceleration host card.
  2. True PC experience while enabling all IT resources and management into the data center.
  3. Supports up to two ultra high-resolution 2560x1600 or four high-resolution 1920x1200 video, up to six USB, audio and Ethernet connectors.
  4. Input comes from the enterprise network via a standard Ethernet connector. Output is driven by the DVI/DisplayPort ports for video and USB ports for peripheral and I/O connections.
  5. The TERA2321 PoE zero client edition features Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) which allows a single cable to provide both Ethernet connection and electrical power to the client device.
  6. No CPU, no OS, no device drivers, no hard drive, no fan and no noise so it requires no management at all.
  7. The net result is a low cost and reliable client-side module that requires minimal IT administration and support because all processing resides in the centralized server, host PC or workstations.
  8. Go green with noiseless cooling and low power consumption.
  9. Completely driverless and stateless while it never stores any user or configuration data.


True PC Experience over IP

PCoIP sessions are established from PCoIP hardware zero clients to workstations with PCoIP remote acceleration host cards for full workstation-class performance, VMware Horizon View servers or Amazon WorkSpaces with the PCoIP protocol integrated to deliver enhanced security and performance. Leadtek PCoIP products are the only remoting solution that puts absolutely no load on the host CPU or graphics card, so CPU/GPU can devote all its energy for full-featured graphics. Maximum performance of 250 mega pixels per second (Mpps) capable of driving full screens of changing pixels or application refresh rates up to 60 frames per second (fps) ensures the best remote user experience.


High Security and Authentication

PCoIP solution allows ALL desktop computing hardware, including existing PCs, workstations, and servers, to be moved into a secure location. PCoIP transmits pixels – NOT data – so all data stays secure in your datacenter. PCoIP zero clients simply receive and decode encrypted image information, do not store any application data, and are immune to viral attack. It uses high standard AES 256 and NSA Suite B ciphers encryption. And extensive USB security and authentication features are provided, including single sign-on capabilities for use with smart cards.


Virtually NO Desktop Management

Unlike traditional thin clients which are basically small PCs running a version of Windows® or Linux, Leadtek PCoIP products are the only true zero clients that have no CPU, no operating system (no
Windows or Linux), no device drivers, no hard drive, no fan, no noise, etc. This means it requires no OS patches, no driver updates or virus signature files. Once it’s set up, users never have to touch it again.


VMware Ready

As a result of collaboration with VMware, VMware Horizon View incorporates PCoIP technology as the remote desktop protocol for virtual desktops, providing a significantly better user experience than is provided with other remoting protocols. Corporations deploying VMware Horizon View’s latest versions can now achieve all of the advantages of virtual desktop deployments with all of the advantages of the PCoIP protocol and with the manageability and performance advantages of PCoIP zero clients.


Resolution up to 2560x1600

A more powerful image engine and zero client processor core to support up to four displays at 1920x1200, or dual 2560x1600 resolution and the highest pixel processing power.


Go Green with Ultra-Low Power and Noiseless

Offers industry-leading low power consumption design and engineering technology. The net result is a small, quiet, low power and reliable device that requires minimal IT administration and support.


PCoIP Remote Acceleration Card for Workstation

PCoIP remote acceleration cards can be added to any existing PC or workstation to enable field-proven high-end 1:1 session leveraging PCoIP protocol graphics and desktop performance. It’s the only hardware remote solution which can allows high-end 3D applications with dedicated GPUs that is not available when using virtualized desktops.


Powerful Collaboration with High Performance Graphics Card

No matter you are a 3D game artist, an animation modeling designer, movie editor, or mechanical engineer, your workstation which is embedded the workstation card or other high-performance graphics card must offer high level of interactivity while enabling unprecedented performance, features and photo-realistic image quality. PCoIP host card series is the only hardware remote solution which allows you continue using your current graphics card to deliver the fastest application performance and the highest quality workstation graphics. Power-users can connect to their workstation remotely with a PCoIP Zero Client and experience the highest performance workspace necessary to their productivity, or a software client when working from home or on the go.


Hardware Advantages over Software Codec

PCoIP hardware acceleration host card optimizes CPU loading, network loading, and user experience at once, while other software remote solutions optimize one at the expense of the others.



  • Remoted to a PCoIP zero client or a Teradici PCoIP Software Client
  • All you need is a free PCIe slot and a graphics card
  • TERA2220 host card is an ideal low profile solution for small form factor (SFF) PC/workstation
  • High Security and Privacy by locating data in the datacenter
  • Completely OS independent. All applications run as normal
  • Manages complexity and reduce cost by facilitating centralized management


Where are we...

Centralize large proprietary CAD data files, eliminate heat and noise at workstations, and provide third party suppliers secure remote access

Secure patient data in the data center, provide flexible access throughout facility, and provide high-resolution lossless viewing capability for medical images

Media and Entertainment
Prevent loss of intellectual property, eliminate heat and noise at the desk, use blades for render cluster, and support off-shore contract workers Financial Transactions and

Support the need for dual and quad- monitors, provide customer data security, alleviates heat and noise at the desk for financial traders, and easily recover disaster

Provide a simplified, centralized computing infrastructure for graphic-intensive engineering applications and research labs. Students and researchers easily access to computing resources on campus or across campus

Oil and Gas
Display high-resolution accurate drilling information for natural resources, investigate and visualize entire regional data sets in vivid detail, highlighting large-scale trends 


PCoIP Zero Client Specifications


PCoIP Multi-Port Client with Physically Separated Networks

The Multi-Port Client features maximum three zero client boards in one box, each has its dedicated Ethernet port for connecting to a separated network, is designed for companies and organizations which require physically (not software or logical) separated networks and accesses on secured and non-secured zones to protect sensitive data. Users can easily control/switch from network to network using a single set of keyboard, mouse and the easy-to-understand device panel.



  • Design for companies and organizations which require “physically” separated networks and accesses to secured and non-secured zones (database, intranet, extranet, and internet)
  • Support maximum three client boards in one Multi-Port Client device. Each client board has its physically separated network access port
  • Use the proprietary TERA2321 PCoIP client processor that resides in the remote access client board
  • Control/switch from network to network using a single set of keyboard, mouse and the Multi-Port Client’s easy-to-understand control panel
  • Support up to two 1920x1200 high-resolution video and four USB 2.0 peripherals
  • High cost effectiveness, space saving, usage efficiency, and easily re-configured client boards by allowing hot plug feature



Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator (APEX 2800)

The Teradici PCoIP Hardware Accelerator (APEX 2800) ensures the success of VMware Horizon View deployments by offloading PCoIP image encoding tasks, and reducing CPU utilization. This empowers IT managers to protect and ensure a consistent and improved user experience without use of a GPU. The Hardware Accelerator is a performance enhancement to VMware Horizon View that also compliments shared GPU or GPU passthrough deployments.


Improve user experience

  • Combined with a PCoIP zero client on an unconstrained network, improves frame rates & MPPS by up to 2x
  • When vCPU or server CPU is starving, by giving back CPU cycles to the application(s)


    Protect user experience against CPU peaks

  • Reliable and consistent user experience as loads change by decreasing peaks in CPU utilization up to 50%
  • Ensure consistent application performance


Increase consolidation ratio

  • Consolidate more users on the same server, up to 1.2x in typical office environments (5% video,95% office applications)
  • Add virtual headroom to any VDI implementation