The Negareh Company is a provider of data storage and backup solutions as well as equipment which is one of the recognized companies with a decade of experience in this field and maintaining more than 1000 active sites. One of the main principles of the Negareh Co. is continuous research on the world's latest technologies and products in the field of data storage in order to maintain the quality of service which leads to a stable and long-term relationship with precious customers.

The sales and technical departments of Negareh Corporation, use a team of expert and responsible employees in order to deliver qualified and quick services to the customers. The process of these services is as follows:

  • Holding a meeting with the presence of a sales executive, to present the equipment as well as the clarification of the customer needs.
  • Preparation of the technical plan based on the customer needs assessment.
  • Holding additional meetings with technical and sales experts to provide technical proposal and supplementary explanations about the used equipment in the design to the customer.
  • Evaluating the Satisfaction of customers after installation, configuration and instruction in order to improve the quality of service and maintaining customer’s satisfaction.
  • Providing warranty services, including replacement of a defected device or component with a brand new one which will be done by the manufacturer during the warranty period, without any charge for 36 mounts.
  • By ending the warranty period the after-sales services will be continued by selling and delivering the different components of the equipment for about five years.
  • Providing maintenance and support of equipment under annual contract after the expiration of the warranty period.
  • The proposal to evaluate the function of the current equipment as well as re-assessment of the present requirements, for customers whose equipment is outdated in order to providing up-to-date solution with new technologies.